We’re here to help you understand the home purchase process. There’s more to it than finding a home, making an offer and closing the deal. We’ll work with you to make the process fast and easy. What Can You Afford?

First, it’s important to find out how much home you can actually afford. This is based several facts – such as how large a down payment you have and what kind of monthly payments you can afford. When you contact Sutherland, we'll work with you to compare your monthly income with your monthly obligations (debts) and establish how much you'll have available each month for your mortgage payment. This will give you a great place to start. It also means you're less likely to suffer the heartache of falling in love with a home you can't afford.

Our loan consultant will tell you exactly what documentation is required when the time comes to secure your loan. We'll even provide a preapproval for you, which mean that you have conditional proof of your ability to get a loan from us up to a certain amount. Once you have found the home you wish to purchase, a preapproval is a great negotiation tool. It identifies you as a serious buyer to both real estate professionals and sellers. Finding Your Dream Home

Now you're ready to search for your home. You may want to consider working with a buyer's broker/real estate agent to represent your interests. This individual should be able to provide you with valuable information regarding the neighborhood, current housing prices, negotiation advice, and much more. When you find the house you can afford and wish to purchase, make an offer and come to an agreement.

To get the loan process started, provide your loan consultant with a copy of your purchase agreement/contract, a completed loan application and all required documentation. Sutherland Mortgage Services will process your loan application and if all requirements are met, you'll soon be moving into your home as one of America's newest homeowners.