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Pay nothing until we get your loan modification approved from Ocwen.

A loan modification can be a great way to get your payments and interest rate down on your mortgage, and make your monthly payments on your mortgage more affordable. We will not charge you a single penny until you are approved, and you pay a nominal fee after you get approved for a loan modification from Ocwen.

Why Us ?

We are a team of professionals who have worked in the past as a loan officer and underwriters and have detail knowledge of the tricks used in the trade of Mortgage industry and servicing companies.

Our team of professionals is well equipped and qualified to understand your situation to work with you and update you on each and every step while your application is on the way for approval. Since we started 3 years back we have already helped over 4000 people to get a successful loan modification from Ocwen alone.

You may have come across lot of people or articles over the internet which says that the Debt to income ratio is the key in getting you qualified for a loan modification, however the fact stays far from this information, there are various factor involved in a loan modification approval or denial other then Debt to Income Ratio (DTI), there are crucial calculations like LTV (loan to Value Ratio), Net to Present value test, and stringent investor guidelines that needs to be followed. They also charge you an upfront fee only for presenting your application to Ocwen and do not guarantee a loan modification.

In order to qualify for an OCWEN loan modification, you must be able to prove to the bank that your specific financial situation meets their strict guidelines for approval. This can be confusing and tricky-especially because they will not tell you what they are looking for on your application! In fact, the vast majority of applications are denied simply because the borrower did not understand how to complete the financial worksheet correctly or able to really prove to Ocwen that they are facing financial difficulty.

So if you have a loan with Ocwen and you are willing to get a loan modification that will get your payments and interest rate down on your mortgage, this is the time, if you have been already denied once do not try your luck the second time without a professional help as this may cost you your house. Even if you have been denied more than 2 times you can still contact us, as we can still get you a loan modification.

A Loan Modification Program may

Cut Your Payments down by up to 50% , Reduce Your Rate to as low as 2% Fixed , STOP Foreclosure & Save Your Home , Forgiveness of Past Due Payments , Lower You’re Rate & Payments Permanently , Waive negatively accrued interest , Convert Your Adjustable rate for a Fixed Rate , Upside Down on Mortgage? Get Eligible for Principle Reduction Program.

Hardships can be anything like,

Reduction in Income - Due to Job Loss, Less Salary, Unemployment, Layoff, Divorce, Etc.Unaffordable Payments - Due to High Interest Rate, Adjustable Rate, High Taxes or Insurance.Upside down on Home - If you owe more than your home is worth and you can't refinance. Behind on Payments - If you are already late on your mortgage payments. Increase in Expenses, Medical/Health Issues, Family Crisis, Business Loss, Etc.

We do not charge you a single penny until your modification is approved and you pay a nominal fee only after the approval. If you like us to review your file and let you know if you are eligible for a loan modification, kindly email us at help@loanmodexperts.com or complete the form in the ‘Contact us’ tab. We have got the approvals on the most difficult files where in Ocwen kept on denying borrowers several times until they approached us and got approved.

Clients Testimonials:

Dave and Sarah - “We kept trying for a loan modification for 2 years, and they kept denying us, after Sarah’s surgery, it was difficult to afford the monthly payments on the mortgage but Ocwen kept denying us for different reasons, we approached LME and they were so fast and professional, they got us approved for a loan modification in less than 2 weeks, I thank the entire team for their great work.”
Jeff and Nichole – “We were able to retain our home only because of Loan mod experts, Ocwen was so difficult to deal with, but LME made it so easy for us, we can’t thank them enough!!!!.”
Neil and Linda –“ When I was denied the first time for a wrong reason, I knew that Ocwen is difficult, I kept resending the documents again and again but they would come back with the dame reason which was not true, I got in touch with Loan mod experts, the gentleman named ‘Arnold’ was so helpful and gave us high hopes and got us approved for ocwen loan modification in just 3 weeks, you guys are no less than an Angel for my family!!!”
Ronald and Lacy – “I lost my job in may 2013, it was only Lacy who was working and it was difficult to manage the house hold expenses along with the mortgage payments, we applied for a loan modification with ocwen and were denied by Ocwen stating that we made too much income, it was so frustrating to deal with them, finally we got in touch with LME and they were so easy to work with, they got us approved in no time, we got principal reduction with lower monthly payments, this was like a dream come true.”